Issues with Resilience


Technology allowing access into dangerous places: ABS avalanche gear, electric mountain bikes, cave diving gear, all devices to protect us (and often replace knowledge/experience with a false sense of safety). The trail from personal gear to massive projects (devices) to protect us from future weather; i.e the Staten Island 5 mile coast line wall project. This defensive/waiting and reacting. (OR rebuilding cities with walls in the same location).

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Comparing the infrastructure in place to control alpine territories/infrastructure like road systems and areas for recreational safety _to_ planned and methods of control of rising sea waters and worsening weather.

How our cell phones are relied on for survival

Our past strategy of artificial devices to access dangerous environments will not work when reacting to the environment.

Resiliency – respond to any threat

Resilience means bouncing back.

Billion oyster project – natural solution to stop coastal erosion

Sea wall – 615 million funding (3.5 billion for Washington culverts) Staten island 5 miles long 20 feet high

Staten island built on top of wetlands –

New Orleans 14b sea walls and levees

Inadequate in 4 years

India kerale coast is more of a problem *man made solution exacerbates natural problem. Trying to predict something unpredictable

On India’s Kerala coast, a man-made solution exacerbates a natural problem:

On India’s Kerala coast, a man-made solution exacerbates a natural problem


devices and technology for personal use, the idea of “human extremophile” from ABS avalanche devices, beacons,

to alpine control methods: tnt, snow fences, and soft resilience approaches to create “natural” barriers like boulder placements and anti-erosion control.
Approaches in sea walls from “hard” walls and barriers, to “soft” biological approaches like artificial seaweed to break up waves.

construction of Everest tourism- people dying to take their selfie (11 deaths 2019).

gps for hikers, relying on their phone for guide.

bear mace for hikers – getting into bear country more and results in more bear deaths.

Becoming extremophiles

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